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Marathon Water Heaters

This may be the last water heater you'll ever have to buy.

Lifetime Commitment

Buy a Marathon water heater and get a lifetime guarantee. Under the Marathon warranty, the water heater is guaranteed not to leak for as long as you own your home. Marathon offers this no-leak promise because of its superior, non-metallic PermaGuard tank construction - a seamless blow-molded polybutylene tank with a filament-wound fiberglass outer tank for maximum strength. Superior performance, high efficiency, and a low operating cost � for a lifetime.

Energy Efficient

The design and construction of the Marathon water heater allows it to store and insulate your home's water much like a Thermos bottle. Energy is used to heat the water one time only, saving money and energy from re-heating stored water at the time of use.

Installation Friendly

Lightweight and easy to connect is what we mean when we say the Marathon water heater is installation friendly. The tank comes complete for easy, professional installation.

Buy One Today

Buy one today from your local electric cooperative or contact the Utility Sales Department of Arkansas Electric Cooperatives, Inc., at 1-800-451-8061 or 501-570-2323.